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At C’ville Smoke Shop, we have a wonderful line of Hand Crafted Fragrance Oil Lamps, and Fragrance oils which will surprise you what an area in your home these oils will envelope. The line is from La Ti Da.


La Ti Da lamps are of a catalytic design that eliminates household odors from your home, such as cooking, smoking and pet odors. The Catalytic process works by a drawing the fragrance oil up by wick to a saturating stone which after being gently heated by lighting the wick for a minute will fill your home with a lingering fragrance.

La Ti Da boasts over 40 enticing fragrances. The lamps are beautiful works of Art in their own right, of blown glass, which come in a wide variety of style to accentuate any home décor.

Click the link below to experience the La Ti Da Lamp in action, I am sure that you will love them as much as we do, in addition we will gladly demonstrate the lamp for you personally in our shop.

These lamps are perfect for any décor and for gifts for him or her, we can order the style lamp that best suits your needs. So please stop by and see our selection today.

“The lamps pictured are representational of what is available, however the selection hand will vary at different times of the year.”

La Ti Da Video Demonstration