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Empty Cigar boxes a Myriad of Uses!

I am sure many of you have wondered what in the world can you do with empty cigar boxes! There is a myriad of uses for empty cigar boxes, craft projects, storage of items, shipping of fragile items. there are just so many uses.

I have seen some very nicely decoupaged cigar boxes over the years, cigar box purses are another great use, and cigar box lamps, in style especially in the “Man Cave”! Cigar Box Art has always been sought after for the colorful box tops, bands and the box in general.

In the above picture, this idea is great for a mans workshop or hobby shop, however these boxes could be covered in decorative papers, fabrics, to fit into any space in your home, in a less busy way. 

Follow this link for easy to follow instructions on  making this decorative  decoupaged tea box, from an empty cigar box Cigar Box Tea Chest

At C’ville Smoke shop there is never a shortage of empty cigar boxes, all shapes and sizes available, from hinged tops to slide tops, they are for sale for $3.00 each. You will never find boxes as sturdy for the price at arts and crafts shops where the wood is often light weight wood. Cigar boxes often made of Spanish Cedar are highly desirable to all sort of projects.

Professional Results From Empty Cigar Boxes

Click on the picture below to go to the site with full instructions for this project

Now is the time to start using empty cigar boxes for your holiday gift giving projects, I have seen some very nice stationary boxes made from larger empty cigar boxes, purses, lamps, shadow boxes for small items.

I have been looking over the internet this week for some unique ways to use empty cigar boxes, one very good way to ship Christmas cookies to our troops over seas, is to pack them in lined empty cigar boxes, you can be very sure they will not be crushed in shipment.


For those of you into scrapbooking and card making, there are so many uses for recycling empty cigar boxes, storage of all your small items, and this nice idea I thought would be easily adaptable to spools of small ribbons. You know with scrapbooking and card making there are so many things to buy storage boxes for, instead of using plastic, recycle wood boxes, and put your skills to work decorating the very boxes you are storing your items in. Generally our boxes sell for $3.00 each and come in so many sizes and shapes there is a box for all of your needs!

We can ship your boxes to you if you don’t have a local cigar shop in your area, just call or email us for information.

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